Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Interesting 1900 Census

The 1900 Census, enumerated June 1, 1900, can look confusing to one who is not completely familiar with this family.  First, a look at the Census record:

There are two inaccuracies with this Census: 

1.       At the time of this Census, while this was his official residence F. Pierce Hummel was a fugitive from justice.  He was missing from December 1899 to September, 1900, when he was captured in Allentown.

2.       Pierce’s wife, Bertha (Kepner) Hummel, is not listed.  She was in fact living in the home at the time.

Also missing is Wayne Hummel, Pierce’s son, Annie’s husband, “Charles” father, and George’s brother, making it look as if George S. was Annie’s husband.  According to this census Wayne was in Berks County Prison at the time.
It is interesting that A. Monroe Moser and his daughter, Irene were boarders in the Hummel household: 5 years later Bertha divorced Pierce and married Monroe Moser.
Among other points-of-interest in this Census lies this point: 

This Census indicates that Wayne Errol Hummel was originally named Charles Pierce Hummel. 

The person in question here is my granduncle Wayne Errol Hummel.  Wayne was my Pop-Pop’s older brother, born March 19, 1900. No Wayne E. Hummel shows in this census, though.  Nor has there been any other record of a Charles P. Hummel.  What’s up with that?
There are clues, though, to be found in the census records:
§  First, Annie, his mother has been married 1 year
§  Annie has had 1 child; there are no twins
§  Annie’s 1 child is living
§  This child’s name is Charles P. Hummel –the middle name is probably Pierce, named after both grandfathers, Charles Snyder and Pierce Hummel
§  The child was born March 1900
Since no other mention of a Charles P. Hummel can be found, and since every other record for a Hummel boy born March 1900 is Wayne E. Hummel, either of two things can be safely assumed that Charles was renamed Wayne.