Saturday, October 8, 2011

Michael Hummel, My 5th-Great Grandfather, "A Soldier in the Service of the United States"

Over the years I have leaned that I should follow my gut-instinct; it seldom lets me down.  This was one of those times:

Colonial-era records of anyone named Michael Hummel in Pennsylvania are hard to come by; hard enough, in fact, that I had begun to have doubts that the Robeson Lutheran Cemetery's records were even correct naming his parents as Michael and Mary (Ziegler) Hummel.  However, recently, in trying to confirm the Robeson Lutheran Cemetery's type-written record, I discovered photocopies of the original hand-written records of a Rev. Aaron Leinbach, who performed Jacob Hummel's funeral, and confirmed that Jacob's parents were indeed Michael and Mary (Ziegler).

There are plenty of records of a Michael Hummel, born in 1723, who came to America in 1753 and settled in the mountains north of Port Clinton, PA and who's descendents still live in Northern Berks and Southern Schuylkill Counties.  However, what I know about him doesn't mesh with what I know about Jacob, so my gut instinct told me they probably aren't related, unless there is a Michael in-between (which is still possible).

I recently blogged about a record of a Michael Hummel who died in Lancaster County, PA, in 1792.  I discovered this record a while ago, and my gut has been nagging me to search for the substance behind this 1-line record.  So I finally sent en email to the Lancaster Archives for whatever record they have.  On Saturday I received the Letters of Administration, addressed as follows:

The magnitude of this breakthrough cannot be overstated!  Through these two records I have now confirmed, at least to my satisfaction:

  • Jacob Hummel was indeed the son of Michael and Mary (Ziegler) Hummel
  • Michael Hummel served in the United States (Continental) Army
  • Michael Hummel settled in Lancaster County, PA
  • Michael Hummel died in July 1792, when Jacob was only 14

Now I can focus my search for my 5th-Great Grandfather, Lancaster County resident Michael Hummel, Revolutionary War Veteran.

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