Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Royal St. John

This is another neat little gem!

Based on the two biographies I have of him, I have learned that my 3rd-great grandfather, Daniel Hummel, was an agent for the Royal St. John Sewing Machine Company, at 850 Penn St., Reading, after his term as Berks County Recorder of Deeds.  I have also learned that the Royal St. John Sewing Machine Co., for marketing, used to print trading cards which their agents could pass around. 

Well, in doing some random research I discovered that the Smithsonian has a digital image of a Royal St. John trading card from Daniel Hummel's store!

While I have the catalog reference record, I don't have library access to the Smithsonian's system, so I can't get the image myself.  I emailed their library staff; hopefully they will be helpful in obtaining it for me.

UPDATE: Courtesy of the Archives of the Smithsonian Insitution, here is the front of Daniel Hummel's Royal St. John sewing machine trading card:

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