Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Lead Turns Up

I know I previously blogged about a hunch that maybe the reason that I can't find Jacob's parents, Michael and Mary (Ziegler) Hummel, is because Jacob may be the ancestor that came over from Germany. However, I can't get past the fact that in every census Jacob is reported to be born in Pennsylvania. Since I have found that the US Census is pretty accurate, I've reconsidered.

I have learned that Jacob Hummel's funeral was officiated by the Reverend Aaron Leinbach. It was Rev. Leinbach who recorded Jacob's parents as being Michael and Mary (Ziegler) Hummel.

So, the search for Jacob's father, Michael Hummel who settled in Pennsylvania, goes on...

In the search for Michael Hummel, I found another lead to follow. On Ancestry.com I found a record for a Michael Hummel I have not found before, this one down in Lancaster County:

An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1729 - 1850.

Name: Michael Hummel
Year: 1792.

If this is him, it may explain how Jacob was able to buy a 57-acre farm in 1798, when he was only 20. Just guessing, but it may be that his father was a well-to-do farmer, just as Jacob had become, and when he died Jacob may have received a sizable inheritance. Being only 12 at the time, his inheritance would have been in the care of someone else, perhaps his mother, until he came of age.

Next will be to contact the Lancaster County Register of Wills to see what I can turn up. I also had been adivsed by an older genealogist to research the Pennsyvania Archives, Volume 3, to see if I can find a Michael Hummel.

Here's hopeing this lead turns into something.

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