Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Business

Due to my change in position at work as well as adding some volunteer work, it's been awhile since I have been able to do any serious research. Ironically, I forked over the money for a year's subscription to Ancestry.com which I haven't had much time to use.

Today, I was able to stop in, for the first time, at the Tri County Heritage Society, in Morgantown, PA. Morgantown borders Robeson and Brecknock Townships, where Jacob Hummel lived and his children were born.

While there I was able to obtain a Biographical sketch of Daniel Hummel that I have never seen before. It originally appeared in the January 26, 1883 edition of The News, a Reading newspaper of that time. The article states that Jacob, his father was "a well-to-do and respectable farmer" of Robeson Township.

Daniel's early career was as a school teacher; he first taught at the Plow School where he obtained his education, now a private residence on Buck Hollow Rd, near Rt. 10 (See Picture). He also taught in schools at Cross Roads (now known as Hummel's Store), Yocum's, adn Gromling's, in Cumru Township, for 10 years, until he started his first store.

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