Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Those Who Are Descended from David Hummel, of Wolf Creek, Mercer County, PA

This may rock a boat...I know it rocked 1 before...

1. Is Philip Hummel of Wolf Creek, Mercer County, PA, Truly the Son of Jacob Hummel of Robeson Township PA?

According to Morton Montgomery, in his "Biographies and Historical Annals of Berks County", Philip Hummel, of Robeson Township, PA married a daughter of Evan Griffith of Brecknock Township, but not his daughter Sophia...according to Montgomery she married an Isaac Lewis. See the following link: If Philip Hummel of Robeson Twp. didn't marry Sophia, were Philip Hummel of Wolf Creek, married to a Sophia, one-and-the-same?

2. Is David Hummel, of Wolf Creek, Mercer County, PA, truly related to Jacob Hummel if Robeson Twp, PA?

Based on corroborating documentation, David Hummel of Wolf Creek, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, is indeed the progenitor of many of the Hummels from MO, KS, & OK. On most family trees, he is linked as the son of Philip (they did live next door, according to census records), though I haven't seen anything to corroborate that.

Originally, I thought they could be brothers, sons of Jacob, and that the age is correct on the 1850 Census because the age difference between "the Davids" is exactly 10 years, and Jacob's son David's birth date is confirmed by church records (see birth & baptism record in Hummel/Strunk/Ganter/O'Brian Family Tree)…but is it probable, or even plausible, that a 10 year age misreporting is also on the 1860 & 1870 census? I find that doubtful.

Based on a very, very strong visible resemblance between me, a confirmed descendent of Jacob Hummel of Robeson Township, and a confirmed descendent of David Hummel of Wolf Creek (blogged about before), I believe there must be a connection. However, I have seen no corroborating documentation.

Is there any documentation that links either of the Wolf Creek Hummels to Jacob Hummel of Robeson Township, PA?


  1. Todd, I am trying to help a friend put together his family tree. His last name is Hummell and his father was born in 1930 in Sharon Pennsylvania. If you have any info on that Hummell family would you please email me at Thanks much, Gloria Alexander.

  2. hi Todd...Hummell's are in my ancestry tree too...if you go to the Bontrager - Kidder Tree on you'll see 2 Phillip Hummell's, and a photo of my great-great grandfather's gravestone in Townline, NY. He was born in 1832 in Baden Germany. Let me know if you'd like more info. One of his sons (also Phillip 1864-1930)) became a trappist monk (at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky) and I plan to go visit this summer, where he is buried. His sister Sophia was married to my great-grandfather, William C Kidder.