Monday, August 30, 2010

Homestead Found!

About a month ago my dad and I drove around the Plowville area looking for Jacob Hummel's farm. I had found an old map of Robeson Township circa 1860, where houses belonging to Jacob Hummel were listed. Though we saw many old stone homes, none quite seemed to fit.

On Friday evening, I returned home from visiting the Hummel Family plot in the Charles Evans Cemetery, to find a copy of Jacob Hummel's Last Will and Testament waiting for me! As I pored over the documents, I found Jacob Hummel had listed his neighbor, Samuel Seifrit. I knew that name! Sure enough, there he was, next to Jacob's farm.

I hope to visit there on Friday.

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  1. Update: My dad and I visited Jacob Hummel's homestead today. The house is no longer there, it was demolished to make way for I-176, and the land was divided into smaller parcels, most owned by 1 family.

    We talked to one of the owners... turns out, he is the father of an old high school buddy of mine! My old friend grew up on the land that was previously the homestead of my ancestor, Jacob Hummel, the land where he raised 12 children who then settled in different parts of the country!