Saturday, August 21, 2010

Possible Evidence of Jacob’s Father!

Any reference to a Michael Hummel who was old enough to be Jacob Hummel's father has been very hard to find. However, in searching basic military records of Revolutionary War veterans today, I found the following military record in Pennsylvania's Digital State Archives:

This record gives evidence to the following facts:

  • There was a Berks County resident named Michael Hummel

  • In 1778, he was old enough to be Jacob Hummel's father

  • Even if he served in the militia (he's listed as inactive), he still may have been home long enough for his wife to conceive Jacob (born Feb. 4, 1778)

Though I have found very few records, anywhere, of a Michael Hummel who would be of a suitable age to be Jacob's father, this still may not be him. But at least it's a strong lead.

Earlier in the week, cousin Ann found that Jacob Hummel's will is on file with the Berks County Register of Wills Office. It is a very long will, 29 pages in length. I ordered a copy, and hope to receive it later in the week. Hopefully it will, as many wills did in that day, contain a narrative of important periods of his life givs us some important details of his life and his family.

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  1. As I research further, I am doubtful that this is Jacob's Father. I beleive this Michael Hummel, who settled with his family around Moselem Springs, PA, married a girl, in Germany, by the name of Catherine. There is no evidence that he had a son named Jacob.