Monday, August 30, 2010

Discovering the Graves of My Fathers

Two of the mysteries I was having a hard time figuring out were: 1) when did my great-great grandfather F. Pierce Hummel die and where was he buried, and 2) when did my great grandfather Wayne Hummel die and where was he buried?

As I search for those answers with every cemetery I could think of, one cemetery –one very big cemetery –the Charles Evans Cemetery, in Reading, PA, was not listed anywhere. On a hunch, I sent an email to their office to see if they had anything, and yes, they did.

Mysteries solved. There is a Hummel plot in the center of the Charles Evans Cemetery. My ancestors who buried there are:

  • Daniel Hummel, my 3rd great grandfather
  • Hanna (nee Lorah) Hummel, my 3rd great grandmother
  • Elias L. Hummel, their son
  • F. Pierce Hummel, their son, my great-great grandfather
  • Wayne Hummel, Pierce's son, my great grandfather
  • As well as "Our Eva," Pierce's stillborn daughter; Daniel's 2nd wife, Amelia C. (nee Krick); and his 3rd wife's parents (Daniel was twice-widowed)

Of course, I never knew any of these people, long-passed by the time I was born. Two have dubious histories. Nevertheless, while I stood before them and walked among them, I couldn't help but be thankful for them. After all, their DNA is my DNA, their blood runs through my veins. They are my forefathers. Their history is my history.

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