Saturday, July 17, 2010


We will stipulate: Wayne Hummel, my great-grandfather, was a bit of a jerk.

The primary reason we children, grand-, and great-grandchildren do not know much about our Hummel family is because of Wayne Hummel.

It seems that Wayne Hummel, my great-grandfather, left my great-grandmother alone with 5 children to pursue the affections of another woman. My dad's cousin relayed to me that her mother, who was 2 when he left, used to watch him walk by the house on the way to work every morning, feeling hurt because she thought she may have been the reason for the break-up.

My grandfather had to quit school at age 14 to become the family breadwinner.

Here's where oral tradition gets a little sketchy:

My dad believes that he had a daughter from this relationship.
My dad's cousin believes that he had a son from this relationship.
I have found no records, yet, of either. Based on the information I have from his WWII Selective Service registration, he was alone by 1942, and his mother was his primary contact.

Either way, the damage he caused has visited his children to the 4th generation, so far.

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