Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Starters: In the Last Six Weeks...

In the last six weeks I have discovered more than I can put in one post. I have learned much about many of my ancestors. Surnames are Hummel, Strunk, Ganter, O'Brian, Snyder (Schneider), Jackson, Chelius, Herbert, and Beltz. Oddly, to begin, the family I knew least about, and wished to know the most about, was Hummel.

There have been a few brick walls to tear down, and more are coming, but I have learned so much about my Hummel ancestry:

- Michael Hummel (? - ?)
- Jacob Hummel (1778-1866)
- Daniel Hummel (1823-1899)
- F. Pierce Hummel (1854- ?)
- Wayne Hummel (1879- ?)
- PopPop, Monroe George Hummel (1910-1987)
- My dad
- Me

I have found branches of the Jacob Hummel family tree of his sons Philip and Isaac, and have actually met, online, a 5th cousin, also researching the family tree!

More to follow...

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